Thursday, February 24, 2011


If you can dream it, you can do it.

How often have we heard this, and maybe also willingly convinced ourselves to believe it.
Recently I got a chance to try bouldering. Was such an awesome experience that I immediately fell in love with the sport.
Ever since I have been dreaming to get more out of the sport, climb more often, work bigger rocks etc etc..
But quite often my dreams consciously drift over from actual climbing to preparing myself for the sport, like those pull-ups to improve my strength or those crazy balance exercises. Oddly though I never happen to have dreamed myself standing on the top of a big rock at the end of a climb, celebrating my moment of success.

Maybe that's what the whole idea behind dreaming our dreams is. Maybe one is not supposed to dream of the goal but the process that will make it happen. Maybe instead of goal-setting, path-setting is more natural for our minds...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

mystery girl

I happened to work from a new workstation today. I found this picture in the drawer.
Although I know the person who drew this and most probably forgot to take it, I assumed for the sake of make-believe fantasy that this was left by some mysterious stranger with a definitive purpose. In the next few hours this picture became a clue to a treasure hunt, a Da Vinci Code kind of mystery and a Forbidden Kingdom kind of adventure saga... :-)
As I spent an idle afternoon in the office, living through my fantasy worlds, my life becomes a little easier.
Wonder what would mankind do without imagination, or creative expression for that matter.