Thursday, July 18, 2013

what went wrong

we start out by beating a million equally challenging odds
we grow up to be quivering fools overwhelmed with fear and self-doubt ready to give up at the mere imagination of difficulty
where did we go wrong on the way

wishful thinking

almost everyone who has let his heart run wild has seen this day. 
the day when you are made to feel insignificant because there is nothing you can do to make someone feel something about you if they don't want to. 
maybe it is part of a process
maybe it is supposed to lead to something better someday
maybe we should all wake up

Thursday, June 6, 2013

logical thinking be screwed

There is this guy I know from my last workplace.
Very friendly, knowledgeable and full of interesting stories.
His latest obsession is surfing.
He is not so young, and fat. Not the kind of shape that we expect surfers to be in.
Last time we talked about it, he could manage to sit up on the board as it lunged into the merciless waves.
He has a very long way to go.

But he does not let that stop him.

There is this spark in his eyes when he talks about surfing.
The kind of spark that is contagious.
The kind that reminds me of my next audacious plan.
Logical thinking ye be screwed royally.