Friday, November 19, 2010

black leather boots

fashion is often accused to be a purposeless addiction
i beg to disagree
fashion can serve some very crucial purposes
keeping your mind engaged during an otherwise idle training lecture

dedicated to the lady in black leather boots
'among the many things that separate us human from animals
style might just be the most interesting'.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


this one is dedicated to one of many such impulsive moments, which leave a mark forever
to one of such impulsive people (sherry - who turned up despite a bad throat and sore eyes), with whom it is always so cool.

a peek into the awesome bombay life i had heard so much about,
company of a gorgeous and amazingly cool lady,
a hunt for the right tattoo joint,
a lingering taste of dhiraj's vada-pav and quality's chicken-mayone roll
an hour or more of an affair with the needle and ink

and i was left with one of those perfect days :-D

PS: if u r still wondering, be honest (truth), be adventurous (ride) and love with all you got (love). 

Thursday, October 14, 2010


keep your eyes on a distance star
even if it seems much too far
step by step
day by day
do u think you can go all the way
but with courage, faith and good cheer
the goal comes near and near...

this one is dedicated to one of the most ambitious person i have ever known. we are all born with different degrees of abilities, but it is ambition that makes the difference. keep going dee, your precious dreams are not that far away :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010


the night is my kingdom
the stars my friends
jazz my companion
and the silence my love...

some nights are magical, some plain ruthless !

Saturday, October 9, 2010


this one is dedicated to one of my favourite storytellers - Hugh MacLeod

Once he narrated " Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb". (the part is after about 1/4th down the page) The idea kind of stuck with me. there has to be a reason to live other than paying the bills :-P

obviously it is supposed to be difficult
it is a no brainer to guess that we might encounter difficulties
but if we wanted the easy stuff
we would have stuck to being the single cell amoeba, or something as simple and pointless.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

funny and romantic

in older times people had it a lot easier
they had stories like Romeo & Juliet to look up to.
also somehow, back then love was supposed to be enough.

but for a generation that grew up on santa & banta, and Yeh Dil Maange More,
the expectations have skyrocketed :(
luckily for us, there is the internet to google out jokes. LOL

Friday, September 24, 2010


He swayed and he shined
like a minted fresh rupee,
Confident and charming
in his freshly crafted 3-piece,
He looked around to see
if his pretence had been noticed,
There are quite a few in the crowd
he thought he must have enticed,
Some were dazed with the spotlights
Some just didn't care,
What kind of person would want to THINK
amid all the glorious fanfare.

Suddenly heard was a voice
like a steel cold vice,
Its cut like a knife
through the illusion that was so nice,
Half mockery, half disgust
it lashed out with brutal truth,

"If i stripped away your fancy
what would you have left beneath?"

"Oh Shit!" he exclaimed, exposed and in panic
"I left my originality at home"

Fresh from a very recent stint doing sales,
I can but never undermine the importance of packaging.
But what irked me was how frequently presentation was made the sole focus,
often at the cost of the content.
I must admit I have done it myself many times
at B-school, at work, in real life.

But once in a while you come across someone who doesn't give a damn about the package.
That's when it feels like shit.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


maybe that is why romantic poems are so liked, coz they take you to an entirely different world 
one where each of us wants to be, but may not be able to

i guess there has to be a right time for everything too
but then historically human beings have not been very good at being logical
i guess that is what makes us human :-)

personally, i have always been a late starter
but then i have also been an optimistic :-)

so for all those out there still searching,
hang on buddies !

Saturday, September 18, 2010


as part of the modern workforce, our role is supposedly to fit in and do our part
this makes us efficient and reliable
unfortunately for us, this also makes us replaceable !!

Are we a rounder peg for a round hole?
- Seth Godin

or have we found our edge(s)?

staying ahead of the curve

one of my friends was narrating his induction experiences in the new company he has joined..
apparently, the IT firm he has joined is the leader in their category.
this does provoke a question :
Is his future secure in the firm or does he become utterly dependent on it for growth with no bargaining ace up his sleeve?

while most professionals of my time will swear by the career growth that comes with a job switch, there still are a lot of people (mostly more experienced than me) who believe that the urge to look for a new job, even before one has stretched one's limits on the present one is but stupid.

In an isolated free market, the returns from our jobs would have been solely decided by our contributions to it and life would have been simple.
But in the presence of external factors like manpower shortfall and cockamamie HR policies the above questions haunts us executives every now and then.

cross roads

it is all about decisions
every now and then, we are being forced to choose
this shot is about what I and some of my friends might be faced with at this point of time..
one, can try to climb the steps - painfully and laboriously
two, make the jump - but that is RARE
three, exit the rodent race - go try to find meaning, purpose, freedom etc (whatever u r after)
four, settle - everybody survives (somehow)

most of us are unsure, many are not ready to face the choices yet, but choose we must, sooner than later