Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cubicle wars#0

When I was in b-school i knew that the corporate world is a competitive place.
I was wrong. 'Competitive' doesn't even begin to describe it. I believe 'warzone' is a more accurate term.
Today's corporate executives are expected to bring every possible ammunition in the book to their work place. Be it brute force onslaught, technology driven advantages or stealth and secretive weaponry, all is fair in the battle for reward and recognition. And if appraisal is round the corner, we can expect things to definitely get ugly. After all, survival is at stake here.

In the IT industry, don't let the white collars, the harmless looking formal wear and the orderly sprawling cubicles fool us. It is a war out there, and survival is the prize..

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  1. ha ha ha...there's a lot of team work involved which needs co-ordination and collaboration among the team members...its not all that bad..