Friday, September 24, 2010


He swayed and he shined
like a minted fresh rupee,
Confident and charming
in his freshly crafted 3-piece,
He looked around to see
if his pretence had been noticed,
There are quite a few in the crowd
he thought he must have enticed,
Some were dazed with the spotlights
Some just didn't care,
What kind of person would want to THINK
amid all the glorious fanfare.

Suddenly heard was a voice
like a steel cold vice,
Its cut like a knife
through the illusion that was so nice,
Half mockery, half disgust
it lashed out with brutal truth,

"If i stripped away your fancy
what would you have left beneath?"

"Oh Shit!" he exclaimed, exposed and in panic
"I left my originality at home"

Fresh from a very recent stint doing sales,
I can but never undermine the importance of packaging.
But what irked me was how frequently presentation was made the sole focus,
often at the cost of the content.
I must admit I have done it myself many times
at B-school, at work, in real life.

But once in a while you come across someone who doesn't give a damn about the package.
That's when it feels like shit.


  1. A thought that v all hav atleast once in a week...amazingly written by u wit d rite words!

  2. Wow! Amazing stuff... didn't have no clue that you were such poetic! And the illustration is yours too?! Too good! \m/
    As for packaging, it's a 'make believe' world that we live in... sweeping the dirt under a beautiful carpet has become the norm. If only people understood that what lies beneath must be equivalent as what's being projected...

  3. i like the name of your blog...good to know that you have a happy left brain :-)