Saturday, September 18, 2010

staying ahead of the curve

one of my friends was narrating his induction experiences in the new company he has joined..
apparently, the IT firm he has joined is the leader in their category.
this does provoke a question :
Is his future secure in the firm or does he become utterly dependent on it for growth with no bargaining ace up his sleeve?

while most professionals of my time will swear by the career growth that comes with a job switch, there still are a lot of people (mostly more experienced than me) who believe that the urge to look for a new job, even before one has stretched one's limits on the present one is but stupid.

In an isolated free market, the returns from our jobs would have been solely decided by our contributions to it and life would have been simple.
But in the presence of external factors like manpower shortfall and cockamamie HR policies the above questions haunts us executives every now and then.

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